Kitchens have different shapes, but as we’ve talked about in past blogs is they typically all provide the homeowner with a kitchen work triangle. While most kitchens counters and appliances are laid out on two or more walls of the kitchen, some are only on one wall. Some homes offer what’s called a galley or corridor kitchen. These only have two walls of the kitchen with the appliances, counters and cabinets opposite each other.

The galley name comes from the galley of a ship. This style kitchen offers a kitchen in a compact layout to offer counter space and appliances, but not take up too much space in the home. A corridor kitchen would be a galley kitchen without the wall at the end of the galley, therefore, it becomes a corridor to a different part of the home. A corridor kitchen is a good design for homes that are smaller and offer a walkway to other parts of the home through the kitchen. Typically, you can still set up your galley or corridor kitchen with a triangular work space, so you minimize the steps between counter tops and appliances as you work.

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