Your kitchen has a good amount of space in the cabinets and counters, but not much of it is useful. Here are some ways you can add storage during kitchen remodeling to improve its usefulness.

  • Add drawers under the sink. The cabinet under the sink is not very accessible, but with drawers, you can store your cleaning supplies in an easy-to-access way.
  • If you have a refrigerator at the end of your cabinets and the back of the fridge is unsightly, frame your refrigerator with a cabinet to cap the fridge. It will hide the back of the unit and you can add a narrow floor-to-ceiling cabinet for your mop, broom and other cleaning supplies.
  • Add cabinet storage organizers for pan lids, cookie sheets, cooking stones and muffin pans. When laid flat and stacked, space is wasted and you have to dig for the right pan. If you have a drawer or separators where you can place them vertically, they become much more accessible and easy to organize.
  • During your kitchen remodeling project, add a drawer system to a pantry closet. Being able to see items at the back of a shelf that is as deep as the closet can be frustrating and you can miss out on using food before it goes bad. By adding drawers, you can pull them out to access items in the back easily.
  • If you don’t like appliances sitting on your countertop, Have our San Jose SOD Builders build a cabinet on the counter to conceal your microwave, coffee maker or mixer.
  • Have your kitchen remodeling firm use the random narrow spaces for pullout cabinets that display items when you need them. Most are only wide enough for one row of food goods, so you can find what you’re looking for quickly.