When you’re looking to remodel your home and looking for good remodeling contractors, you may consider the layouts from the past. Homes throughout the years have come in many shapes and sizes and the layout of the interior has differed even more depending on the utility of the rooms and spaces for those who lived there. Bedrooms were more communal with everyone sleeping together, or at least the kids sleeping together. Living spaces were more utilitarian, created for a purpose instead of our sitting rooms or family rooms today that have very ambiguous purpose that we add to with the furnishings we place in the rooms. Some of the historical home layout elements are as follows:

  • Some of the earliest smaller homes had very few rooms, typically one room that was shared by the family for eating, sleeping and indoor chores. This is still the case for homes in developing countries.
  • Communal rooms – Great rooms are a classic example of a communal room. These were typical in cultures where the family or community would gather often for meals and feasts.
  • Italian homes from the 15th and 16th centuries had many rooms interconnected by doorways. Instead of having hallways, you would travel through other rooms to get from one side of the home to the other.
  • Corridors – A home would have each of the rooms off the corridor to allow for privacy and independence. Each room had one door for both entrance and egress.
  • Over the last century, homes have evolved with rooms of different proportion to the rest of the rooms. For example, living space was seen as more important than the space in the rooms, so bedrooms are typically small with small closets (or no closets). Today, bedrooms, especially the master bedroom, closet and bathroom are created to be a retreat, so they typically have more space or equal space to the rest of the house.

No matter what you would like your San Diego home layout to be, SOD Builders’ remodeling contractors can help you determine what would best for your home’s structure and your household’s lifestyle. Our full staff is on hand to walk you through the process start to finish. It is our goal to finish each home remodel on budget and on time.