You may be asking with your kitchen remodeling project if a backsplash in your San Jose kitchen is necessary. If you don’t add it, you can save money and put it toward that appliance you want but can’t afford. However, here are a few things to consider when evaluating if you want a backsplash or not. There is a real function to that part of your kitchen remodel.

The backsplash helps in keeping the kitchen clean. When you’re in the kitchen cooking, there are splatters from food and grease that will hit the wall adjoining the counter you’re working on. That food and grease will build up on a painted wall. Even worse, if there’s wallpaper, it will damage the wallpaper, causing you to have to replace or repair it sooner. 

Likewise, backsplashes allow for easier cleaning. Nearly any type of painted surface will be more difficult to clean. However, with a true backsplash, they limit the amount of scrubbing you’ll have to do. Even if you have to scrub the backsplash, tile and marble allow you to use cleaners without fear of discoloration or damage to the wallpaper or the wall’s surface.

While this may not seem like a function to some, having a backsplash will give your kitchen an aesthetic function. Adding the right type of backsplash can transform the look of your kitchen. It will allow your kitchen remodeling project to take the atmosphere in your kitchen from bland to extraordinary. Functionally, it can direct the eye; it can pull a kitchen’s design together; it can share your personality and more.

Consult with an interior designer if you don’t know what type of backsplash would fit your personal aesthetic and lifestyle. Add the backsplash in your kitchen remodeling and fall in love with your San Jose kitchen.