No matter the location of the home you own, you can add a luxurious touch simply by remodeling. Here are some options to inspire your home remodeling project:


Open Floor Plans – This includes plans that are open from the kitchen to the living areas. Depending on the home, it could have an open floor plan when you walk in from the front door to the living space. Open spaces are more inviting and make for easier navigation through a home.
Technology – This could be anything from using a remote to operate the lights and sound in your house to having touch screens in your bathroom to check the weather and news while you get ready for your day.
Library – What luxury house doesn’t have a library equipped with volumes written by the great authors?
Kitchen with all the bells and whistles – Add in the warming drawers, and other commercial features that could be used by a catering service to prepare and serve guests in your home. A wine fridge can perfectly chill and store your wine bottles until you are ready to use them.
Home Theater – Have friends over to view movies or watch TV on a big screen with surround sound.
Dressing room instead of a closet – Walk-in closets are nice, but having a dressing room with mirrors, adequate storage and places to sit while you put your shoes on is even better.


Outdoor Kitchen – Prepare your guests food at the grill after preparing it in your outdoor kitchen with a fully stocked refrigerator.
Natural-Looking Pools with fountains and waterfalls – Create a relaxing ambiance with the look of your outdoor pool. Natural rocks as a surround and a waterfall can transport you to an oasis, while you’re still in your backyard.