Adding luxury to a home is all about the space and finishings. Spaces that are open and have a good flow will make the house feel more comfortable and spacious. The spaces within the home allow the owner to come in and add to the opulent feel of the home with furnishings and other interior design techniques. Before the move in of furniture and accessories, the spaces have to be finished with excellence. Flooring, windows, doors, fixtures and the like will make a space feel and look luxurious—furnished or not. The furnishings are the icing on the cake of a luxury home remodel.

When you’re looking at having a professional come into your Bay Area home for luxury home remodeling, it’s vital to have a contractor who has access to upscale materials for the finishings. In some cases, it’s also important to have an interior designer be a partner in the process to fill the space with furniture that brings the room together and creates a harmonious feeling to the whole home, transitioning from room to room.

SOD Builders in the Bay Area creates beautiful home remodeling for any size of home and budget. Our full-service luxury home remodeling includes an interior designer to bring in furniture that captures the essence of the space and the owner’s desires and lifestyle. We will help you bring your dream home to life. Contact us to find out more about hiring our general contractors, builders, engineers and interior designers to make it happen.