Not so long ago, anyone who wanted to enjoy the relaxation and health-promoting benefits of a real steam shower had to go to an upscale gym or spa. Today, however, a growing number of homeowners are choosing to install one of the new generation of steam showers at home, creating a warm mini-retreat in their own bathrooms. As bathroom remodeling experts in San Jose, we want to talk a bit more about these home spas so that maybe you’ll realize it’s possible for you, too!

What is a home steam shower? It’s a fully sealed enclosures that can be installed anywhere you would put in a conventional bathtub or shower. They produce a heated mist using a humidifying steam generator, and offer controls on a wall panel inside the shower that allow you to adjust the temperature and flow of the steam. Because steam showers are sealed, the heat and moisture won’t damage the paint, paper or walls of a bathroom! What’s even better is that there is no venting required because as the sealed stem shower cools down, the condensed moisture simply drains away into the floor of the unit.

  • Seating: One of the most popular steam shower options is bench seating. This allows homeowners to kick back and relax in the mist after a long day rather than remaining on their feet.
  • Showerhead: More than just a traditional showerhead, oversized, pressurized showerheads offer a true “rainforest” full-body shower experience that can add an extra touch to a steam shower.