What Does Green Building Mean?

Green or Sustainable Building is building and demolition which takes into account the environment and takes steps to minimize the impact on the environment in the long term. The practices of green building take into account all areas of construction from start to finish.

Selective Demolition

When demolition is performed, green building will salvage from the existing structure what can be reused and either recycle them, remake them into something that can be usable or use them in the new construction. Reusing the materials greatly reduces the waste that goes into landfills. These items can include, but are not limited to, cabinets, roofing materials, windows, doors, lighting and plumbing fixtures.

Proper Material Management

Green building also properly manages materials during the demolition and building stages that may be hazardous to the environment so they don’t cause any further environmental repercussions.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Another area of green building is to use materials that are sustainable and have a low impact on the environment. Many materials that are used in building and interior design are filled with chemicals. SOD Builders, Inc. has a commitment to using green products with lower negative effect on our health. Paint and carpet are two big culprits for chemicals and they are now made with eco-friendly building materials that don’t have the chemicals they used to have. Not only do these green materials have a better environmental impact, they are easier on our bodies.

Green Building Design

Our building practices take into account the benefits of natural lighting, ventilation, temperature control and insulation will have on your day to day life. Put the environment to work for you and your home and you will see the benefits for a lifetime. We understand how to implement this and would love to share the benefits with you and your home’s design.

SOD Builders, Inc. is committed to working with you to make your house the most comfortable custom luxury home for you. Contact us to talk about what kind of green building we can design and build for you. 1-800-401-3220