Did you know that your bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in your home? Over 200,000 people take a trip to the emergency room every year because of bathroom related injuries. Safety in the bathroom is important for everyone, but especially for people with disabilities, older people and people who are unsteady on their feet. The bathroom can be a scary place, but luckily you have SOD Builders on your side. With our bathroom remodeling in San Jose, you can enjoy more safety and peace of mind.

When most people think of bathroom remodeling, they think of dramatic, modern designs and Jacuzzi tubs, but at SOD Builders we believe there is so much more to it than that. Enhancing your bathroom’s style is just one of the many things that we can do for you, including creating a safer bathroom. Whether you need grab bars, better lighting or an easier-to-get-in shower, we are here for you. Our experts are some of the best in the business, and we have what it takes to make your bathroom a beautiful, safe place.

Our bathrooms are one of the most dangerous rooms in our homes, and they are the site of many accidents and injuries. Ensure that your bathroom is as safe as it can be by turning to us. We have the experience and expertise that you have been looking for, plus we offer competitive prices day after day. Your bathroom doesn’t have to be a dangerous place, make sure yours is safe by contacting us today to get your free quote.