Remodeling the bathroom in your San Diego home gives you plenty of options for turning up the luxury for yourself. Turn your bathroom into a retreat with these must-have features.

  • Add a valance to the and two shower curtains. This small touch will give your shower a ritzy look and it’s easy to do.
  • Storage. The bathroom is one place where storage is a must. Not that you have to fill your bathroom with chachkies, but having storage for towels and toiletries so you can keep them behind closed doors.
  • Drawer organizers. You can stay organized and reach in to grab the tools you need to get ready each day with a salon quality drawer for your hairdryer and curlers or straighteners.
  • In floor heating: Don’t walk into the bathroom barefooted and don’t freeze your toes off with radiant in floor heating.
  • Lighting that is beautiful and functional. Bathroom lighting should make you look good, not drained and wan. Find lighting that helps you see well so you can make a good impression on everyone you meet each day. Enjoy your lighting too. Many people are adding chandeliers to their bathroom space to give it a luxurious touch.
  • Include a lux shower. Consider adding multiple shower heads to give you water flowing from different angles or enlarge your shower or both.
  • A sitting area. If you have the room, add a chair or two so you can have a quiet place to sit and relax before your day has started or after to unwind.

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