Fixtures are the jewelry of the bathroom. A great faucet is an accessory, like a pair of earrings. It’s icing on the cake! Fixtures are also the perfect place to start when approaching a budget-minded bathroom remodel in San Jose. Simply by swapping out the faucet, affixing complimentary knobs and pulls, and installing a new shower rod, homeowners can give their baths an entirely new look for less than $500.

Grab hold of your bathroom fixtures by mounting new knobs and pulls on your cabinetry and it’s one of the least expensive ways to update your bath. Like all fixtures, finish will determine price, with the trendier oil-rubbed bronze and antiqued surfaces out-pricing the brushed chromes and polished nickels. There are shapes and styles to fit every taste, from eclectic corkscrew-shape knobs to sleek, contemporary stainless steel bar rails.

Give your faucet a facelift for under $100 and your bathroom will look very new! To avoid installation snafus, we recommend replacing “widespread” faucets (spout separate from hot and cold water handles) with like models, and “center-set” models (spout and handles combined on a single unit) with the same.

You can give your bathroom that luxury hotel look with a new showerhead and curved shower rod, too. In fact, one of the quickest and most inexpensive ways to update your bath is by installing a large-diameter, full-flow rain shower. Plus sweeping curved shower rods give your bathroom a luxury hotel look, while providing an additional 6 inches of elbow room, for under $50!