I am able to give SOD Builders the highest rating.

We first heard of SOD through another review company. They had the highest review rate and highest score. So, we gave them a call.

My wife and I had a very good idea of what we wanted and how much we were willing to spend. I had originally built this bathroom (and addition) so I had a base knowledge in construction. When SOD arrived they were very professional and respectful and came with a slew of referrals.. They listened to our ideas and then offered modifications to enhance our vision. We were very happy with all their changes to our initial design and even more delighted in that most of these opinions actually lowered our costs. Their offer was many thousands below the nearest competitor and their ideas were superior to any views we had previously heard. Their time frame was 3 weeks from start of demo to final inspection.

It was several weeks before they began but once they started, they moved quickly and efficiently. They took great care to cover and isolate the house from their work area. Demo occurred with the workers transiting the house in a plastic “tunnel” so as not to scatter dust and debris. All materials were quickly hauled off site. Each phase progressed similarly with the workers taking great care of the non-involved portion of the house before they began work on the bathroom. I must give credit to Hector (the foreman) for providing a seamless transition from one phase to the next and being on site to take care of each question or request we had. He was very quick to rectify or resolve any “problem” we had. Another lido needs to go to SOD’s tile man. His work is superb. When my wife was unable to visualize the new ceramic floor, he painstakingly arranged the floor in each of 3 patterns so she could choose which one best fit her initial vision. Once decided, he applied the tiles (floor, shower walls and shower floors) to perfection. The SOD plumber did a very good job of removing an existing water heater (left in place during the demo) and installing the new tankless one without leaving us hot waterless for more than an hour. A very good feat! SOD would have finished under 3 weeks but we opted to use a granite provider from whom we were able to procure a pice of fusion granite. That change forced SOD to hold off on 4 days of work but they neither complained or asked for a change order.

I am able to give SOD Builders the highest rating due to their work ethics, abilities and final product. I have already referred them to 2 of my friends who are having work done to their homes. You won’t go wrong using this company.

Lakewood, CA