It was a pleasure working with SOD Builders.

It was a pleasure working with SOD Builders from start to finish! Oren and Michelle came to our house and the end result is way beyond our expectations, WE LOVE OUR NEW HOME!

Oren & Michelle, were the third estimate that we received, they were not the lowest bid but they were very competitive they offered a new design and layout that no other company had thought of, I guess that’s a big difference when you have an in house designer (and no it does not effect on pricing, we had other companies that came and gave higher bid with no designer included). The new layout is great they were able to open up the space in our living room to the kitchen, my house looks like a picture in a fancy magazine, and it is very efficient when it comes to the use of the space.
The kitchen is just stunning and I’m so happy I can show off when I have friends over. When we bought the house the space was divided and it had a feeling of old and small and not so friendly.

The working process was very easy, I was always informed; the crew was always friendly and professional. When question and issues arise Oren and Michelle were available through there system very promptly, and I always had the feeling that there will be no compromising on the quality of work nor my satisfaction.
At the end, we are very happy with SOD builders, now I’m trying to convince my wife on remodeling our master bathroom; it has to match my new modern living space will keep you posted.

SOD Builders it was great, thank you!

Los Altos, CA