It was all well worth every penny.

First of all thanks to Angie’s List members for their review. I read all the reviews and decided to contact SOD. I then sent S.O.D an email to begin with to see how fast they would reply. They were ridiculously quick! Very responsive with all forms of communication and very courteous, professional and just all around great people.

I do not wish to divulge the amount I spent but it was all well worth every penny. Hire these guys if you would like to have things done right. I’ve read some reviews where they say they are expensive but go cheap and you will have a headache. These guys are sure to please you and every penny you spend with these guys you won’t be disappointed. I am very picky and see every little scratch and detail and these guys were very happy to fix what I want perfected. Everything was done to my satisfaction and they wouldn’t stop until I was completely satisfied. I worked with Elio, Wilson, and Darvin mainly. These guys are how I would like to describe as Batman and Robin and Superman. These guys can do it all. Very accommodating to my very neat and clean ways and made sure to clean up after they left. Clean workers. It is a renovation I know and it will get very messy but they will do their best to clean up. Elio, Wilson, and Darvin are a great pleasure to work with and enjoyed having them in my home. You can trust they will do great work and treat your home with respect.

Joe the project manager actually saved me a lot of money. He can direct you to a great hardwood floor supplier, an aside you MUST have Elio and Wilson do your hardwood floors. He also took the time to go with me to select tiles, marble, and countertop. He also can give you some good advice if you are undecided on materials. Joe did a brilliant job in fabricating my extremely beautiful stair railings and also finished it off in a beautiful satin nickel finish. I went with the industrial look with wood handles, which Darvin did a fantastic job staining it. Gorgeous! I’ve gotten so many compliments on them from friends and family. That is the beauty of skype.

Adi project coordinator at the office made sure the calendar was updated and ordered what in the contract needed to be ordered. Now, she had a lot to deal with because I was a very hands on homeowner. So we did work together to get this job done and she had to deal with me which is a big job in itself! She was fantastic. Diligent and aims to please.

Oren, Oren, Oren, he is a fantastic owner and really just wants you to be happy and make your dream home come true. I had such a fantastic experience that no words could express and this was our first home remodel in the States. I am now dreaming of my next dream home so I could do it all again. I do have future home improvements (exteriors) that I will definitely hire them to do.
Absolute joy working with SOD!

Mountain View, CA