We are happy to recommend SOD Builders.

The job required complete demolition of our old Master bathroom, gutting it down to it’s bare walls, everything was removed. Then, it was rebuilt: new electrical wiring with new outlets, new plumbing, new shower with subway tiles (prepared for a glass door/wall), new granite counter top, new toilet, new mirror, new lighting, new heated tile floor, new drawers, new medicine cabinet, etc.. The job also required closing an old window (including stucco patching) and painting of the outside wall, not just around the window. Everything that needed to be done to replace and old with a new bathroom. All according to code and within 5 weeks, which included the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays. We had a very short time-line for this job. Fortunately, SOD Builders has it’s own crews, no sub-contractors were needed to be hired by them. They have several crews in the area and shifted men from one to the other as needed. The only thing SOD Builders does not have is someone who can do glass shower doors. They contacted a glass contractor for us that they worked with before.

We contacted SOD Builders after reading very positive reviews about the company in Angie’s List. We do not regret hiring them for our project. Our experience with SOD Builders was a positive one. Like in most work of this kind, there were things that did not go as smoothly as desired. However, in every situation, SOD Builders came through in making us happy with the results.


Make sure the contract is clear and specific. For example, it should say something like “supply and install 12″ tile floor”, if the tile is included in the contract price. If it doesn’t say “supply”, then, you must pay for the tile as a separate item, not part of the contract. They should also provide you with a list all items (tiles, mirror, fixtures, granite, light fixture, fan, sink, vanity, etc. ) that are included in the contract price, with a dollar limit to the items on the list. ie. $550 for tiles, $150 for a mirror, $400 for cabinets, etc., with a total allowed price, say, of $2000. If the total cost of all the items on the list that are purchased is over the limit, you will have to pay the overage. Just make sure you know what it is you are to provide that is not included in the contract price. This is to avoid any misunderstanding between you and the contractor, once the work begins.


Don’t assume anything. For example, don’t assume that the tile layer knows exactly how you want the tile laid out (patterns, lines, etc.). Keep close tabs as the work progresses. This may seem like a nuisance to the workers, but, it will greatly reduce misunderstandings and unhappiness. SOD Builders is very accommodating and truly believes in customer satisfaction.

My wife and I wanted a “new” bathroom. We had pictures and some idea of the conveniences we wanted. We knew what we DIDN’T want, but not exactly HOW the bathroom should look. Unfortunately, this required some extra work (realigning tiles, moving of drainage pipes, etc.) because we only saw what we wanted “after the fact”. Fortunately, we had SOD Builders as our contractor. Their motto is “Total Customer Satisfaction” and, they proved it to us. They were very patient and understanding throughout the project. Most important of all, they came everyday to complete the job – sometimes even on Saturday and Sunday. They also assured us, that if we found minor problems after using the bathroom, keep a list and they would send someone over to fix the problems. One of the most important things to us is “after sales service”, how responsive is the company after the project is done. This is something we have yet to find out about SOD Builders as we have not yet needed this service. We will be reporting this in Angie’s List later as an update to our comments.

Joe, the site manager is not only NICE, but knowledgeable, always accommodating, and VERY helpful. Whatever is asked of Joe, his response is, “Not a Problem”! He always made it happen. Elio is an outstanding worker, neat and a real perfectionist. He aims to please. Oren, the Owner, truly believes that the most important thing to him is that the customer is happy with the results, even if it may cost him some money in the end. If he sees a problem, he tells his Foreman, “Go and fix the problem; do what you have to do to make it happen!” This company is truly Customer Oriented. We are happy to recommend SOD Builders.

San Jose, CA