In our last few blogs, we’ve addressed kitchen layout and how it adds to the function of your kitchen after remodeling. We’ve talked about two very common kitchen layouts. Another one that is popular, but can only be used when there is ample space is the G-shaped kitchen. This can be used with an open floor plan home or if the kitchen is tucked away in the home and the doorway is the opening in the “G”.

The G-shaped kitchen layout is also ideal for having multiple cooks in the kitchen and for entertaining, especially with an open concept floor plan between the kitchen and the adjacent room. Unlike the L-shaped and U-shaped kitchen, this is a more difficult layout to add in an island. However, with the peninsula coming out forming the “G”, there is plenty of counter space for working. This peninsula is a great place to place your stove top or a counter top with a bar on the other side of it for family or guest interaction while you’re cooking.

Love the possibilities the G-shaped kitchen layout offers without any barriers. You can have a great kitchen work triangle and plenty of counter space with this design. SOD Builders can help with kitchen remodeling ideas suited to your home and lifestyle. We have a full staff that can help from start to finish or just help you with one aspect of your kitchen remodeling project. Contact us to set up a free consultation to see how we can get started on your Bay Area kitchen remodeling.