Remodeling your kitchen involves pulling a number of details together to make the space beautiful and functional. Although a backsplash may not seem like a pivotal piece for your kitchen, it has the ability to make a huge impact and can pull a kitchen together. This is one place you can inject your personality or let other features shine.

In the past, there were backsplashes that were the plain, neutral colored tile and would cover a standard amount of the wall between the upper and lower cabinets. We have broken free of that and there are tons of options for a backsplash. The stainless steel of the restaurant kitchen has been brought into residential kitchens, marble has moved from the countertop to the backsplash, pre-laid mosaics have become commonplace in kitchens, glass tiles of all colors are added as accents or cover the whole space. There are even tiles that aren’t the traditional shapes and have patterns. The sky is the limit for your kitchen backsplash as you remodel.

The backsplash can add personality or it can simply be in the background to tie the appliances or kitchen accents together. As you’re making decisions for your kitchen remodeling job, take a step back and check out the options you have for your kitchen. If you need kitchen remodeling ideas for the finishing touches on your San Jose or Bay Area home, like for a backsplash, contact us at SOD. We have interior designers to help walk you through the style aspects of your kitchen and help you decide what would make the kitchen a place you’re proud of.