U-shaped Kitchen RemodelYou are starting to look at kitchen remodeling ideas for your Los Angeles house and you want to expand your single wall kitchen/eat in kitchen to a full kitchen, but the options seem endless and daunting. Don’t get discouraged. There is a solution that will make your life planning for the kitchen remodeling and after as you use your kitchen for years to come.

The U-shaped kitchen layout provides an option for a kitchen of any size that has three walls it can devote to cabinetry, a sink, refrigerator, stove top and ovens. As you’re creating the layout, keep in mind that to optimize the efficiency of the kitchen remodeling, you want a kitchen work triangle, placing the refrigerator, oven and sink on different walls of the U. However, you won’t want to place them directly next to one another on the same wall to keep that flow. They really can be configured so the appliance or sink can be interchanged for what makes sense for your lifestyle and Los Angeles home’s layout.

Another option is to add an island in the center of the kitchen. With this addition, you will have added counter space and can add a space with a bar on one side of the island to provide a place to eat, do homework or allow someone to spend time in the kitchen with the cook. It is important to allow for at least 3 1/2 feet between the island and the cabinets around the island. This will help with your movement as you’re working in the kitchen and with safety. This kitchen layout allows for a great deal of counter space and storage space with cabinetry with the right configuration. With an added island, you have even more storage and counter space to work.