Builders Inc. is an award winning, full-service construction company that is committed to making your building and home renovation projects simpler. Today we’re focusing on bathroom remodeling in San Jose and giving you tips for planning your dream bathroom layout so that you can make the most of your space.

New Bathroom Considerations

  • Even if replacing fixtures in the same position, check that supply and waste pipes don’t need to be extended or otherwise modified.
  • A new floor will increase floor height, which can affect the pipe positions. Flexible connector pipes will accommodate changes.
  • Consider improving ventilation by installing a bathroom exhaust fan.
  • Stud walls need modifying for wall-mounted fixtures.
  • Floors may need to be strengthened for a cast-iron bathtub. Get a professional opinion on what is required.

Your initial bathroom design should focus on making the best use of the space available. Then consider which utilities would need rerouting for the new design. Decide whether you are going to tile the walls, change the floor surface, or update heating and ventilation. You can then construct an order of work. If you are replacing the whole bathroom, remove all the old fixtures and reroute the plumbing and wiring before installing the new bathroom. If there is little rerouting required, you may prefer to replace each item in turn.

Our exclusively in-house team includes every professional that you may need, including architects, general contractors, and interior designers to construct your dream from the foundation to the finishing interior design work. Call us today to start your bathroom remodel in San Jose!