You’re starting to think about remodeling your Los Angeles home and finding professional remodeling contractors to work on the project and work with your specifications. Here are some tips to help with getting through the home remodel without losing your mind.

  • Come up with dream features. Coming up with a list of your dream items and figuring out what is a deal breaker and what points can be compromised on.
  • Start with a budget. If you’re not sure if your expectations for the finished project and what you can afford match, talk to a remodeling contractor to get a bid and include materials you want to finish with. This and surprises are where most of the cost will come in. When you’ve come up with a number for the cost, add a 10% cushion to the budget. Home remodels rarely finish under budget.
  • Have an idea of what the home remodel will look like. You may know what you want the home to look like, but unless you know where the load bearing walls are, your plan may not work. Even if this means having an architect come in and come up with some ideas, it is smart to start off with a plan for how you want each aspect of the remodel to look like in the finished product. The bottom line is, consult with a professional remodeling contractor before you even start to make sure you won’t incur any additional costs by tearing down a load bearing wall, for instance.
  • Decide if you will be doing the work or if you will hire a remodeling contractor to do it all. You can consult, then do the work yourself to save money. Or you can go the other way, pay what a contractor is worth and make the decisions and have someone else do the heavy lifting and construction work. Either way, you want to end up with your dream house.
  • Find out what permits you will need. Little home renovations may our may not warrant a permit, depending on your area and the regulations. It’s smart to find this out before you start building, especially to factor these into the budget. They may end up pushing your budget over if you don’t do your due diligence up front.
  • Consult with an insurance agent. Make sure your insurance coverage is adequate for potential issues during the renovation, then again for the home after the remodel is complete.
  • Work with the professionals, including the remodeling contractors, throughout the remodel. Don’t sit back and expect they will do everything right the first time. While you shouldn’t have to micromanage the workers and put your life on hold to be at the job site while they are there, you should be clued in to what is happening on a daily basis and if there are stalls in the job.

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