Remodeling a room in your home, like the bathroom, is a process full of moving parts. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to simply go to the home improvement store and pick up all the supplies you need to overhaul your bathroom without the proper knowledge. There are other aspects to the job that are required before you even start demolition. In addition, there’s likely many surprises that can creep up throughout a project that will cost you additional money to fix. Here are some of the considerations to think about before starting a bathroom remodel:

  • Permits/Inspections – building, electrical, plumbing
  • Testing – lead, asbestos and mold
  • Demolition – waste recycling or dumpster and disposal fees
  • Abatement – lead, asbestos or mold
  • Unexpected Problems – wood rot, mold or water damage, old electrical and plumbing, retrofitting to code, pest infestations, odd building
  • Design costs – accurate dimensions, adequate lighting
  • Building costs – plumbing, electrical, fixtures, tile, finishings
  • Decor – Paint, wallpaper, shower curtain, soap dishes, shelving and pictures

If you want to avoid the hassle of jumping through hoops and trying to find the best bids for abatement and other surprises, contact us at SOD Builders before starting the bathroom remodeling of your San Jose home. Our remodeling contractors and interior designers work closely with you and stick with your budget to finish the job the way you want. We handle every aspect of the job and have staff who can handle issues that come up in a manner that is up to code. Call us for a free consultation before starting a DIY bathroom remodeling project or other luxury home remodeling.